At the base of a huge mango tree in your Mom’s Peace Corps village (Shenge)
Visiting your Dad’s Peace Corps village (Sambehun). Pants optional.

Our Tribe
Hass in Sembehun running after a chicken
Ed Perkins, DCM of the US Embassy in Monrovia, presents the Easter egg coloring contest award to Hassan. Ed went on to become US Ambassador to the United Nations. And Hass …
Dancing with grandparents
Feeding pigeons in London’s Trafalgar Square
Painting a mural with your Dad
Cross-cultural play
With grandparents and cousins
Mrs Attah, your delightful Ghanaian nursery school teacher at the British School in Monrovia, whose family was murdered by Charles Taylor’s goons (after we left Liberia)
Since you mentioned McDonald’s
“This child is never idle”
The fam, early version
With Grandpa and Dee
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