About Us

Reggie & Celeste at Duke Gardens. Photo by Josie Hodges.

We’re going full circle. Fifty years after we went to Sierra Leone to give of ourselves as Peace Corps Volunteers and received so much more than we could ever give, we’re giving back to Mama Salone in our own small way by donating our African collection to museums. We thank the National Peace Corps Association, Nasher Museum of Art, UNC, and NC Museum of Art for telling our story in these articles:

A couple of photos, then and now:

Celeste and Reggie in front of Reggie’s Peace Corps house soon after we met. Sembehun, Sierra Leone, 1969. We loved our years in Sierra Leone and were much happier than we appear.


Fifty years later, in 2019, at the NC Museum of Art with some of the items we donated: a Goboi headpiece, Bundu masks, a Gongoli mask, and a carving of four people seated on a stool.

Photo courtesy of North Carolina Museum of Art; Christopher Ciccone, photographer.

For more on us, see our Facebook pages: Celeste and Reggie

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