Granny Squares by Grandma Virginia

Hello, ladies of the Hodges Family!

A long time ago Grandma Virginia gave me a bag of lovely 7″ granny squares that she had crocheted. I think her intention was to eventually crochet squares for all the ladies in the family to make into afghans. There’s too much dog hair in our house to have an afghan, so Reggie framed a few squares for us – I’m reminded of Grandma every time I see them.

I’ve given away quite a few to family. Eight unframed squares remain as of July 25, and I need to pass them on. Please let me know which squares you’d like (how many and which colors). I can hold them for you in Durham or mail them. Message me at 919-491-5516.

Also, please share this page with those who aren’t on the mailing list.

Hugs, Celeste

Available granny squares crocheted by Grandma Virginia

Squares available as of July 21:
Blue – 2
Orange – 3
Purple – 3

An example of how you can use the squares. Reggie mounted these in shadow box frames we purchased at Michael’s
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